WCN Travel Team

We are so excited to make the first steps toward making Ninja Warrior Athletics a sustainable sport! We are thrilled to announce the kickoff of our WCN Competitive/Travel Team.

WCN places 2 out of 4 finalist at The EDGE Competition

WCN places 2 out of 4 finalist at The EDGE Competition
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Our first WCN Competition on Nov 19th at The EDGE in Michigan

We hope your athlete is excited to have the opportunity to participate in the WCN Competitive/Travel Team! We are also very excited to announce that we’ve formed a Midwest Ninja League with six other ninja warrior gyms across the Midwest – including Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana in addition to Illinois. Below is a list of the participating gyms for the inaugural 2017/2018 season of the Midwest Ninja League!

Below is a list of the 10 participating gyms for the inaugural 2017/2018 season of the Midwest Ninja League!

Windy City Ninjas – Chicago, IL

The EDGE Training Center – Commerce Township, MI

Movement Lab – Columbus, OH

XT Fitness – Findlay, OH

Classic City Ninja Warrior – Waterloo, IN

Trainyard 317 – Indianapolis, IN

Hybrid Fitness – Buffalo, NY

Another Ohio gym to come shortly…

Weekly Time Commitment and Class Fees
The advantages of being a competitive team member go beyond the experience of competition! At WCN, we are committed to all our athletes and their growth and success both physically and emotionally.

  • Team members will participate in 2 classes per week: 1 regular class and one advanced/competitive team practice. There will be multiple advanced/competitive team practice options per week. While one team session weekly is required, team members can participate in more than one if interested! Additionally, if a team member cannot participate in an advanced/competitive team practice due to schedule conflicts that week, they may participate in another regular class for their age.
  • The competition season is anticipated to run through May 31st and will start up again in September.
  • Team members will receive a $10 discount for their second class, i.e. your athlete’s 1st class is $120 and 2nd class is $110. As mentioned, team members can attend multiple advanced/competitive team practices per week in any given week. We simply ask that you provide us advance notice.

Advanced/Competitive Team Practices
In addition to your athlete’s currently scheduled weekly class time, team participation requires one Advanced/Competitive Team practice per week. These classes will have more focus on completing courses with precision, skills of the week, along with creating mindful discipline and leadership. Initially, we will have two class times available for our Advanced/Competitive Team practices (the # of Advanced/Competitive weekly classes will likely increase over time). At this time, we are proposing the following days and times for Advanced/Competitive Team class:

At this time, we are proposing the following days and times for Advanced/Competitive Team class:

Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm
Thursdays 5:30-6:30 pm

Competition Time Commitment
Windy City Ninjas will be asking all team members to commit to at least 2 competitions this season. Please review the competition schedule to date. We realize travel commitments for competitions out of town are a lot to ask and are mindful of this, we simply ask that you make every effort to have your child participate in at least two competitions (they will not be asked to leave the Competitive/Travel Team if they don’t participate in at least two). Also note that Windy City Ninjas will be hosting the league competition in February!

Additional Monthly Competitive/Travel Team Offerings:
WCN will be hosting additional advanced sessions from time to time, i.e. course training and course testing days. These are not a requirement for the Competitive/Travel Team, but we highly encourage all team members to participate in these course testing and training sessions whenever possible.

Age Requirement
The minimum competition age is 7 years old, but 6 years olds are welcome to compete as well assuming they are a good listener, excited to compete, and a hard worker.

Apparel Requirement
All athletes will be required to purchase a Windy City Ninjas Competitive Team t-shirt (estimated cost of $25).

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us and for making our goal of making Ninja Warrior Athletics a sustainable sport a reality!

Competition Schedule
The current schedule for the Midwest Ninja League is as follows (awaiting confirmation by several gyms):

Midwest Ninja League
(Cost: ~$25 per competition)

Sunday, January 14th – Hybrid Fitness – Buffalo, NY

Sunday, Feb 11th – Windy City Ninjas – Chicago, IL

NNL* Qualifiers (only Midwest Leagues gyms shown)

The cost for these events will vary as the price is set by individual gyms. (Approximate cost: $60 per competition)

Saturday, Dec 2nd – Hybrid Fitness – Buffalo, NY

Sunday, Dec 9th/10th – Iron Grip – Howell, MI

Saturday, Dec 17th – Gripz (Teens, Young Adults & Adults only) – Southfield, MI

Saturday, December 23nd – Midwest Twisters (Kids-Teens) – Hartland, WI

Saturday, Jan 13th – Movement Lab – OH – Columbus, OH

* The National Ninja League is a nonprofit with the goal of promoting the sport of Ninja obstacle courses across America. The NNL provides an opportunity for all ages to get more involved in the rapidly growing sport through an elite series of ninja competitions across the nation, culminating with a large national competition.

There are several other NNL Qualifier competitions available also, check the schedule online:



Please send us an email at info@windycityninjas.com with your child’s name and Monday or Thursday class preference (or both).  We will follow up to confirm monthly fees and schedule.  Thank you!