We will now COMPETE!

We are so inspired by all the athletes and their stories from the American Ninja Warrior premiere!  We just –  can’t – wait – any longer to share some EXCITING NEWS!

Beginning this fall, Windy City Ninjas will begin to host competitions for our class enrollees and then take it to the next level and compete with other gyms!  Kids will compete against warriors of similar age – for pride and prizes.

To help our warriors best prepare for success, over the summer and into the fall we will be introducing:

  • Advanced classes and specialized clinics for kids who want to compete – these will be intentionally small groups, who will work through more intense and specific training in order to help prepare them for competitive success.
  • Advanced Warrior Groups – based on age and ability, we will carve out weekly times for these targeted groups to work and train together – those who want the best and are committed to ongoing training and who believe in our core philosophy of Overcome. Persevere. Achieve
  •  Our enrolled warriors will soon also be able to register for and participate in ninja warrior competitions in and around the Midwest

We are so excited to be partnering with gyms around the Midwest to bring this sport to the next level!

MUCH more information to come in the next few weeks and over the summer – including the times and types of our clinics, and dates and times of upcoming competitions!

Thanks for continuing with us on our journey to help our children realize their full potential!