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Windy City Ninjas is THE place to come to enhance self-confidence and pride at the same time as improving strength, agility, and endurance! Using the American Ninja Warrior show obstacles as its origin, we’ve developed a special curriculum tailored to age and skill level so that your children can feel and see their improvement and development each week. Your little athlete can come to WCN and benefit from improved speed, coordination, and performance in his or her favorite sport. Your non-traditional athletes will have a place to shine, grow, and develop new passions!

In each 55 minute class, your child will complete multiple circuits that are focused on specific, targeted areas. He or she will rotate stations and obstacles throughout the first 45 minutes, working on those targeted skills. The last 10 minutes of each class will allow for your child to show how they’ve improved via unique weekly obstacle courses. Each week will be different, so that your child remains engaged, excited, and is continually improving themselves!

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WCN offers 55 minute structured classes specifically tailored to the following age groups:

Ninja Storytime Adventures – Parent/Tot, ages 2 – 3 (new class)
Led by our trained instructors, this creative movement class combines structured and unstructured play for our youngest ninjas. Each week, tots will unleash the power of their imagination with a story and themed movements in our area especially designated for them! Following the story activities, tots will have open playtime with their caregiver to explore areas of our ninja gym and continue to work on developing skills including core strength, balance, agility, courage, and confidence. With weekly changes to the activities and the elements, your ninja will remain engaged and enthusiastic each week, progressing to more and more challenging elements and levels of fun. (siblings/strollers welcome to come in with parent/caregiver and tot)

Lil Warriors Parent/Tot (2 – 3)
Led by our trained instructors, the parent or caregiver will join their Lil Warrior in the gym for specially targeted activities and curriculum  for these youngest of warriors.  Our youngest warriors will jump, roll, climb and tumble in an area especially designated for them! With lots of floor-based exercises, small warped wall, padded quad steps and other equipment, these mighty children will prove to themselves and to you that they are strong, can develop better core and agility, and have a blast conquering the elements!

With weekly changes to the activities and the elements, your Lil Warrior will remain engaged and enthusiastic each week, progressing to more and more challenging elements and the required skills to achieve.

Lil Warriors (ages 4-5)
Led by our trained instructors, the 4-5 year olds (age 3+ with instructor approval) will follow our typical class curriculum as they have to date, and will tackle more difficult and focused obstacles and exercises.

Emerging Warriors (5 – 8)
Emerging Warriors aren’t afraid of anything, including climbing the (rock-climbing) walls, scaling new heights and swinging from place to place. Moving from the Lil Warriors area, we will give your warrior the skills and confidence to proceed to some of the more challenging elements at Windy City Ninjas. We will group children based on age as much as possible, and target our training and challenges appropriately. Your warrior will emerge each week with the refined skills and the knowledge that his or her continued efforts will produce results to be proud of!

Ascending Warriors (9-13)
The heart and soul of Windy City Ninjas, we will really focus on your athletes, helping them build strength, coordination, and confidence to help them further excel in their sports! For those not so keen on the ‘playing field’ we provide the opportunity to build skills integral to physical development and mental self-confidence. Our non-traditional athletes can become super dominant ninjas, surpassing even those bigger and stronger – all while building that inner confidence all children need.

‘Teen Class (ages 12-16)
Working off a curriculum very similar to our adults, these teens will be put to the test week after week – including some of our most challenging circuits aimed at building both strength and agility, and taking their shots at conquering the most challenging ninja warrior obstacles! High-paced and hard-working, your teens will walk away breathless and ready to return the following week!

Each 55 minute class is based on a continually evolving set of obstacles and circuits aimed at providing a foundation of strength, agility, and balance. The classes will be structured and very active… your child will not stop moving!  Each session ends with a weekly unique 10 minute obstacle course.  Your child will improve, week after week, and will leave both gassed and proud! Our mission is to strive to have the kids achieve and be fulfilled and grow in perseverance, athleticism and confidence.  Whether your child is a traditional sports athlete, a non-traditional athlete or neither we are a place for all kids to overcome, persevere and achieve!  Not to mention…this is awesome cross-training for their other athletic endeavors… when they don’t even know they’re doing it, they’re just having fun!

Competitive Ninja – Intro Series
Is your kid interested in competing???  WCN is kicking off a 6-week program for kids that are interested in competing but want to get their feet wet, further advance their skills and participate in rec competitions first.  Ages 6 – 14.  Every week we will run a unique and diff course just like a competition.  Additionally, each week we will work on a different theme…grip strength, balance, explosion, etc.  We will be kicking off this program the first Fri in Oct at 5:30 and it will run for an hour every Friday for 6 weeks.  The Series is $150 to sign-up for the 6 week session or you can sign up per session for $35 per session.

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